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About Me


Megan Simard is an American Actor, Writer, Voice-Over Artist, and Vocalist. Originally from Cumberland, Rhode Island, Megan graduated with honors from Wagner College, where she majored in Theatre/Speech Performance with a Concentration in Musical Theatre and a Minor in English. A seasoned performer on both stage and screen, Megan is best known for playing the title role in the award-winning animated short, "Dr. Mantis: Insect Analyst." She was a lead and contributing writer for The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour and is currently a featured actor on the new serial podcast, The Creepery.


Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Brunette

Eyes Color: Green


Location: New York City


The Best Of Ruthless Spectator on Amazon Prime | Co-Star/Contributing Writer | Rob Bartlett





Dr. Mantis: Insect Analyst (animation) | Lead | Brandon Mikolaski


The Creepery (serial podcast) | Co-Star/Recurring | Richard Curtis





The Rob Bartlett Radio Comedy Hour | Co-Star/Contributing Writer | Rob Bartlett | Lead/Contributing Writer | Rob Bartlett, Gary Grant​

Making It (web series) | Lead | Brayden Hade

The Bat Signal (podcast) | Guest Star | Jeff Sussman
Special Skills


Improv, Character Voices, Snarky Tweets, Impression of Roz from the “Monsters Inc.”


Dialects: Standard British, Cockney, German, Russian

Training & Workshops

Giving You The Business |Recurring | P.J. Morrison​

Restaurant Stakeout | Recurring | P.J.Morrison​

Quiet Enjoyment | Karma | Marcus Gualberto



Wagner College B.A. in Theatre Performance/Speech, English Minor, Concentration in Musical Theatre


Scene Study: Alaine Alldaffer


The Acting Studio: Mary Workman


Voice (Soprano/Belt): Amy Williams, Janet Pranschke


Master Classes: Richard Adler


Commercial Technique: Angela Montalbano

The Ruthless Women Present | Principle | Rob Bartlett​


Unemployed | Eve Decker | Lou Borenstein​

Broadville | Barbara | Romy Nordlinger​

Peep Show Male | Debbie May | Dave McCracken
Wonderland In Alice | Schitzo Cat/Hooha/Hanged Man | Ben Gougeon, Doug Spagnola
Cooling: A One Woman Show | Self | Ben Gougeon​
Moby And The Mariners | Harriet | Susan Fenley​

The Roar Of The Greasepaint, The Smell Of The Crowd | The Girl/Urchin | Chris Catt

Uncommon Women And Others | Samantha | David McDonald
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